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SUPERFLEX is a Danish artists' group founded and directed by Jakob Fenger, Rasmus Nielsen and Bjørnstjerne Christiansen.
It has been working since 1993 on a series of projects related to economic forces, democratic production conditions and self-organisation.
The artists have examined alternative energy production methods (Supergas) and commodity production in Brazil, Thailand and Europe in their projects, which both expose and question the existing economic structures. These artistic activities — as, for example, the on-going project Guarana Power, in which the artists developed a drink together with local farmers who cultivate the caffeine-rich berries of the guarana plant — are not necessarily opposed to commercialism and globalisation, but try instead to render economic structures visible and to establish a new balance.

Burning car


Flooded McDonald's - trailer
Produced in 2009. Runtime: 20 minutes.

Flooded McDonald's is a film work in which a convincing life-size replica of the interior of a McDonald's burger bar, without any customers or staff present, gradually floods with water. Furniture is lifted up by the water, trays of food and drinks start to float around, electrics short circuit and eventually the space becomes completely submerged.

Flooded McDonald's is a film by Superflex. Produced by Propeller Group (Ho Chi Minh City) in association with Matching Studio (Bangkok) and co-produced by the South London Gallery, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Denmark) and Oriel Mostyn Gallery (Wales) with generous support from the Danish Film Institute.

Stills, production images and further information:

Flooded McDonald's from Superflex on Vimeo.

The Financial Crisis - trailer
Produced in 2009. Runtime: 4 x 3 minutes.

The Financial Crisis (Session I-IV) is a new film work in which SUPERFLEX address the financial crisis and meltdown from a therapeutic perspective. A hypnotist guides us through our worst nightmares to reveal the crisis without as the psychosis within. During 4 sessions you will experience the fascination of speculation and power, too fear, anxiety and frustration of loosing control, economic loss and personal disaster.

The Financial Crisis - trailer from Superflex on Vimeo.

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