onsdag den 9. marts 2011

Jørgen Leth: The Perfect Human

Jørgen Leth is a Danish poet and film director who is considered a leading figure in experimental documentary film making.the most notable are his epic documentary A Sunday in Hell (1977) and his surrealistic short film The Perfect Human (1967).

The Perfect Human (Danish: Det perfekte menneske) is a 1967 short film by Jørgen Leth lasting 13 minutes. It depicts a man and a woman, both labelled 'the perfect human' in a detached manner, "functioning" in a white boundless room, as though they were subjects in a zoo.

This is in my mind a masterpiece, one of the finest short films of all time. I have found the translated English version which i hope you enjoy.

share your thoughts.

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  1. I'll give it a watch, thanks for the heads up man!

  2. I find it kinda depressive :D

  3. ...post more like this..im new into this kind of stuff..

  4. More people should smoke pipe, it's so badass :D

  5. i want to say beautiful but it's more like creepy haha